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Super-Specialty Services

  1. Sports Injuries & Arthroscopy
    • Key hole surgery for all knee & shoulder injuries
    • Enabling early return & early return to sports
      • Knee : meniscal repair, excision, ACL & PCL & MPFL reconstructions
      • Shoulder :Bankarts lesions, labral tears & Rotator cuff tears
  2. Arthroplasty :
    • Primary Total knee Replacements, Total Hip Replacements
    • Revision Total knee Replacements and Revision Total Hip Replacement
  3. PRP &Biogenerative Injection Treatment
    Curative for OA knee, shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, heel spur, Tail bone pain, Trigger finger, etc. Injections of steroid, PRP, HA, Ozone, Growth factors, stem cells, etc.
  4. Pain Clinic : extremely effective. Safe blocks for frozen shoulder, sciatica and severe back pain.
  5. Knee, Hip & Shoulder Clinic : All kinds of sports injuries related to knee and shoulder and all arthritic patients related to knee, hip and shoulder.
  6. HTO/DFO/PFO : or Knee conserving surgery